Hello there.

Let me introduce myself. But not expect me to tell you much about myself. Primary, you can know me around internet under this nicknames -TLN, niles_prower, TimeLord Niles. You may also meet me in Final Fantasy XIV as Avadon Synaly. But all to all, my real name is Nik.

I’m the guy who just trying to do new things and enjoy the ones I liked the most. I like playing games with friends, I like writing, sometimes I draw stuff, but that’s not really something I enjoy the most.

Here will be the place for my random thoughs and ideas. I’ll be avoiding at best to get up topics that I don’t like, but, to not loose my thoughs, I’ll be putting most of my ideas in here. Ideas for stories, fan-ideas for games or something else, short stories, maybe some drawings or videos if I gonna make any.

Guess that’s it. That’s all I wanted to say, and if you interested in what I mentioned – feel free to follow the line of my thoughs.




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