I’m totally sorry (not) (old Tumblr post)

So, this I actually made as birthday gift for Elpatrixf from dA a quite a bit of time ago and posted on my Tumblr. So why not repost it here now? I totally forgot to do it back then, so I just gonna copy-paste the original post under “Read more” line with all the stuff in there.

So I’m not much of a talker, and my English isn’t anything to be proud of. But I’m a damn writer, so I think that if I’ll write something nice, I’d do a good thing.

Few words for you, sir @elpatrixf. I’m sure doing this thing without proper permission. I know absolute nothing about your characters, so none of I’m going to write will be canon, most likely. But it’s your birthday soon (or already, who knows. We live in different timelines for sure), so I hope this will serve as a small gift from fresh loyal fan of your artworks. I wish you a happy birthday, and all my hopes that this day will be the best one for you. Be happy, and f*ck the police.

So, recent events made it that Petilil, small Pokemon assistant had a more serious spotlight than in the past, due to appear of Blittany, small PC gamepad assistant. I do remember clearly that they share some similar appearance details (minor) and some similarities in their nature (both being assistants in various causes) (major). I actually can’t write much about it, so let me just set up the stage for the story I’m going to tell you.

Pettil(not actual name) is a Pokemon, assisting Pokemon Professor El Patrix in his Pokemon research and introduction of new trainers to Pokemon world. This universe is somewhat alternative to game universe, and here all Pokemons, then caught, start to gain some of human-like appearances, as well as intelligence. That results in them being treated differently than just animals, and so released Pokemon doesn’t return to the wild, but more likely can have a regular life. So Pettil stays as Professor’s co-worker, but rather than El Patrix, she helps new Pokemons to get around with their trainers.

Blit, at the other hand, is digital elPatrixf assistant within his working PC-space. Created as a result of his gaming experience, imagination of artist and a bit of luck and random d20 crit roll, she exists as digital program born of PC-gamepad. Since the moment she was “born” in existence, she lives inside elPatrixf PC, helping him by pointing out at some options he didn’t noticed, helping him to find files, documents and “lost” sketches within messed-up artwork structure on hard drive, and sometimes – helping him relax (through playing games). She’s quite intelligent, nice to her creator and supportive.

Both Pettil and Blit are, in fact, serving one same person, just existing in different universes. And they serve the same purpose for them – assistance and support in all means possible. And to show how I feel they would act, I want to make them to meet each other. So here we go.

Pettil opened her eyes and looked around. She’s been in white space, in world absolutely empty of anything. Although, gravity still applied, so she was able to stand normally. After giving it some thoughts, young Petilil decided to just walk forward, curious in a matter if she’ll find anything interesting here, no matter how empty this place looked.

Slowly the place started to fill with all kinds of random things – books, pokeballs and filled papers been slowly floating around, like they’ve been appearing near Pettil. She made a notion of that… and then noticed a new item, unique for her. It looked like weirdly drawn and colored window, leaving a trail after itself. Soon, right close to it, started to appear other weird-looking items, together with lots of pieces of paper filled with all kinds of drawings, and some of them sure wasn’t for children’s eyes. Pettil curiously followed those items… until she met something else? Or is it more like “someone else”? Who can even tell in this weird, twisted reality…?

Like through the mirror, Pettil looked at some sort of weird mechanical contraption. Grey pieces, combined with purple and dark plastic for some parts of body, and several colored “buttons” on her chest made Pettil feel like in front of her actually stays some kind of strange Steel-type pokemon. She changed her pose. “Pokemon” on the other side did the same, like in sync. She raised her hand and waved. And so did grey one on the other side. And after a bit of thoughts, she decided to slowly walk towards her… to make a single touch. And so they met mid-way, poking each other in the cheek…

–  Whoa, you’re not the mirror! – they both exclaimed, one with slightly high-pitched voice, and other with digitally-distorted one. And both went silent for a moment.

– Huh, I never expected to meet someone else in here actually, – after a pause continued grey one. – How did you get here, if I may ask?

– I don’t really know, – after some short, yet deep thinking answered Pettil. – But I remember how I went to sleep after hard work day with Professor, and then appeared here.

– That makes some sense then, – said grey one. – Maybe for you it’s just a dream world. Who are you, by the way?

– Professor gave me the name Pettil. I am Bulb Pokemon, Petilil. And you are?..

– Blittany, or Blit if said shortly. I’m gamepad-like PC assistant. Welcome to my white space and nice to meet you!

– Um… gamepad? – Pettil raised her eyebrow.

– Yeah, gamepad, – Blit nodded. – My creator likes to enjoy a good game from time to time to relax a little bit after a day of hard work. And he sees gamepad more suitable for gaming than regular PC keyboard.

– That sounds interesting! – it instantly raised Pettil’s curiosity, as she started to remember some of things she’s been through with Professor. – Professor also enjoys a good game, which helps him to relax! And not just that!..

And so they’ve been talking about what their Professor and creator shared between each other. How they’ve been helping them at work, supporting, helping them to relax and enjoying the life in their company. And sure time flies while the good talk goes…

– …oh? – Blit suddenly twitched, looking around. Pettil also looked around – items, floating around them, started to disappear. – It seems like my creator woke up recently and is willing to check out what’s up in the Internet. Guess that means that it’s time to say goodbye for now.

– I was happy to meet you, Blit, – happily said Pettil, shaking her hand with cute smile. – Guess we’ll be able to meet again?

– I’m sure of it, if my theory is right, – Blit winked. – Hope to see you again soon!

The world around started to blur and shake. Soon, Blittany disappeared, and so did everything around. White space started to fade, turning black…

– …Pettil, wake up! We have a new day of amazing researches waiting for us!

– Mmm just a minute, professor!.. – pokemon yawned, rubbing her eyes. – Hm… what a weird dream. It’s like I met myse… ooooh!


And what thoughts struck the mind of little Petilil is up to you. But I guess it’s quite obvious. Thanks for reading, and hope you enjoy it. Happy birthday!


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