A little introduction (Steven Universe fan fiction short)

-Hello there. I bet it would be a bit confusing, but we’ll try to introduce orselves.

– We’ll be speaking one after another, so you may not think who’s who just because we don’t say you each time. Our voices are kinda similar, so you have to turn your imagination on, to separate us from each other.

– Right, that would be a good approach. So, I’m Perlite.

– And I am Obsidian. Nice to meet ya folks.

– To add an extra explanation – we’re not just stones. We’re analyzed the existing life forms in this dimension, and we believe that most suitable description for us would be calling us Gems.

– If you don’t know – Gems we’re talking about are not any common crystal formation of high price or something. Those are pretty much living beings, even though they’re ageless entities with phenomenal powers beyond humans understanding.

– Yes. It simply works like that – there goes gemstone of certain formation, and it gets infused with life energy from the planet where the Gem gets born. That very life essence inside a gemstone forms a personality and abilities of Gem, giving it mind, will and – basic physical shape that can be projected with energy contained within gemstone.

– We, by all means, can be considered to be Gems, though our energy are not contained within anything that, by any standards, can be called gemstone. We’re not been able to find any proper name for whatever we’re made of, so we decided to use the names that already exist and, by our opinion, works well with our looks.

– Precisely the point. By my name, Perlite, you would consider that I have somewhat white-colored appearance. Straight, back-going hair of pure-white color with slightly shaded skin and preference to white shirt and pants. My “gem” resides on my back, close to the neck, pretty much directly connected to my spine, enchanting my movements and reaction. My stone is spherical pure white orb. Originally, it was what left of explosion of supernova, so my gem isn’t actually a perlite, but more like supernova core, given a certain shape with all energy of supernova explosion infused inside it.

– What’s for me, Obsidian, is that I prefer to keep myself in dark shades. Dark-purple skin tone, gray-ish black long hair all wild, black coat and gray pants. Sunglasses are also my preferences – don’t like to keep my eyes exposed. Just like Perlite, I was a star once, but it’s been eternities since I’ve been reformed into a black hole. My gem is perfectly smooth black sphere holding the whole mass of black hole compressed inside it. It resides near the spot where beings known as “humans” suppose to have a heart.

– Don’t speak of humans like they’re some sort of space garbage. Even if they’re not as old as us, it doesn’t mean we have right to disrespect them.

– Good point, but they’re still quite fragile. I’m kinda curious though on how they plan to survive with everything going crazy around him with all things.

– Hm… you’re right. Well, I guess that’s all we can sa… wait. Totally forgot to mention that. Obsidian, want to make a break out?

– The pleasure is mine, my friend. Long story short – we got born from accident. Perlite’s supernova exploded quite close to my black hole, with my gravity resulting in that his powers been shaped into a core under extremely heavy pressure. All his energy burst, on the other hand, formed me into a core as well, giving me life. As we met, we’re always been together, following each other. And as of now, we keep on venturing through the universe, to learn more about Gems and what exactly we are.

– That’s right. And as of now, we’re interested in trying to interfere into events between Gems and Earth. Maybe there we’ll be able to learn more about us. So far we been trying to avoid big crowds of Gems to not get unwanted attention. Earth seems to be perfect place to start for us, as there’s very few Gems residing on planet surface, making it easier to get in contact with them. Well, at least it seems simpler that way for us.

– It is simpler, believe me. We don’t have to get through the understanding of all the stages of levels and stuff between ranks of Gems and such. Furthermore, less chances for us to get trapped or get into too sticky situation – we still hardly understand what Gems are capable of, and so what we can do.

– Good point. So, here we need to get on our way. Hope to see you around, have a nice day and good morning!

– See ya folks, good luck.

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