Part Two. Everything.

But something happened. Nothing doesn’t supposed to stay as it is forever. And so, it gave the birth to Everything. Everything was born from Nothing. Everything to see. Everything to hear. Everything to feel. And Everything replaced Nothing. It’s still been lonely though. There’s been no one to see, hear or feel. And no one ever existed. And so Everything saw the only way how to fix it. How to do that everyone can see, everyone can hear, and everyone can feel.

Everything stopped to exist as One. To give birth to Many. But it’s not been possible on it’s own, so Everything changed, broke itself. Into Four. Four elements to make Many.

From Everything, the first Elements were created.





They existed ever since Everything split into them. And they’ll ever exist, until Everything will turn into Nothing yet again, to keep the cycle.

All those elements – they’re important then you create something.

Order helps you to make the rules of the universe. It was straight line to defy how the things should go for it’s existance.

Light and Darkness makes the world itself. They make things visible. You can hear them, you can feel them. And those aspects can’t live on their own without another. They exist to make you whole. To make you see. Make you hear. Make you feel.

And there’s Chaos. The essence to bring life in what’s dead on it’s own. Because without even a bit of chaos and disorder, Nothing happens.


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