Part three. Firstborn.

From those aspects, the First Ones were created. Firstborn. The very first universe to exist, and multitude of it’s alternate forms. Creatures in this universe were gifted – to be the First One to see, feel and hear, they received perfection made by Everything for them, so they may enjoy what Everything ever wanted to share with everyone.

And so they lived as everyone. All together, united. Until each one of them noticed that Everything gifted them all with a little bit of itself. Each one of Firstborn, as they saw Everything inside them, became Everything of their own. They started to create. From Chaos, Order, Light and Darkness, multitude of universes and dimensions was made by Firstborn ones. They’ve been creating, so more can see, feel and hear.

And there that one Firstborn. The one who seen Everything inside of self, yet never wanted to become Everything. All he wanted is to protect what Everything was once given to Firstborn ones. He saw the chaos growing in how much Firstborn been creating, and so he spoiled his Everything to be the one and only piece of it – Order. He was the one to defy the gift of creation from Everything, yet stand as part of it, with grand feel of Order inside of self. Nameless, he became the mind behind Order, Balance Watcher. To see, that the gift of Everything wasn’t lost in Chaos.

Firstborn ones, willing to put more life in their creations, forgot about Balance. And with time, newborn dimensions became overfilled with Chaos. And so, Chaos itself started to corrupt Firstborn ones. They started to see themselves independent from Everything, and so they called themselves to be Gods of their own creations. They saw creations of others, and so, they wanted to claim them, to extend their powers. Firstborn War then began. Most fearsome and cruel war to ever exist. Firstborn fought each other to claim whatever they’d get from others. Dimensions and universes been vanishing in process in great numbers, being either destroyed by one of Gods or by Chaos overfilling them. And so this Chaos started to sink even in those dimensions that yet can be saved. And so Nameless stepped forward, to stop all-consuming War. Chains of Order stopped holding him, when Chaos overflow became too grand. As Balance been disturbed by ever growing Chaos, he saw no other way but to cut it down, to not let it spread from power of grand gift of his kind, which became the curse for what Everything once created.

Many dimensions got wiped then. Firstborn ones stopped to exist, as well as their dimension. Yet the gift of Everything still lives. Small bits of it, still living inside of every little being created by Firstborn ones before they got corrupted.

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