Part five. Niles.

And now, there’s me. Niles. Creature without family. I can’t remember my past. My soul is merged with demon Verior, once created by Karvor, and my body posessed by Karvor’s power and mind, keeping us two as one.

It’s my new body, that I know. But I can’t remember how I was born. I remember that I have a contract with Nameless. As I should help him to keep the Balance, to hold many worlds, universes and dimensions from destroying themselves. There’s no other purpose in my life that I can remember. And so I should keep wandering, doing my job. To understand, what I have become.

Part four. Karvor.

As the gift of Everything kept existing, new dimensions and universes kept on being created. And so, as one of them got born, it gave a birth to creature smart and curious, willing to ever expend his knowledge. His name was Karvor.

He always been interested in seeing things as no one else can see them. His imagination were flowing, but he never wanted to create. All he ever wanted is – to learn. About universe, about all the creatures and how they got created. But he’s been in no strength to create something real big, and then see it. So he looked for what can be used to create. Simple tools quickly proved to be useless in his task. So he moved forward. And forward and forward… until he reached the limits. The last step in chain which starts everything. The birth of existence.

He’s been able to find one of it’s elements – Darkness. To reach it. And become one with it. With this, he’s been able to see how the world was created, and how it’s not the only one. He saw his own gift of Everything, sensed echo of Firstborn ones from it. And exchanged it for Darkness. He didn’t wanted anything more. What he got was more than enough for him.

Darkness gave him knowledge he would need to create, manipulate. Make others see, hear and feel what he wants. And so he started to put his experiments in bigger scales than everyone can afford. He became manipulator, seeing other creatures as his puppets, watching over them, to see how they can use their powers in situations he puts them into. He’s been controlling cities, countries, worlds, changing them, shaping them however he wants. To see, how creatures under his control will react.

Not all of those were happy to be manipulated. And so there’s been founded a few ones strong enough to put an end to Karvor’s experiment. Special chains were been made to hold him, to not let him free, to keep him under control and not allow him to get over everyone again. Those chains weren’t able to keep him for a long. Chained, his mind still been getting sharper, his connection to Darkness – stronger. And so, one day, no chains became able to hold him.

Those who imprisoned him never realized what just happened. Karvor spared their lives, but now, he hid himself much better, to manipulate others from many layers of marionettes created by him. Ever growing experiment in universe manipulating grew to enormous scale, covering the whole dimension where Karvor resided, and so this over-control by Darkness started to make the leaks of Chaos.

Karvor’s experiment started to get out of control, and so the Nameless appeared, to stop the dangers of corrupted dimension. It’s been the time then Karvor learned that he can’t hide from Order, as Nameless been able to find him everywhere, willing to wipe him down as danger for Everything. The only place where Karvor was able to hide is within Darkness. Nameless was unable to reach him fro there, and so he had no other option but to wipe down corrupted dimension. This is how Karvor learned of powers no less equal to his own. Yet he never wanted to claim them.

He’s been getting closer step by step to understanding of how Everything works. That was more than enough for him. So he considered to act more carefully now, to see how everything else works.

Part three. Firstborn.

From those aspects, the First Ones were created. Firstborn. The very first universe to exist, and multitude of it’s alternate forms. Creatures in this universe were gifted – to be the First One to see, feel and hear, they received perfection made by Everything for them, so they may enjoy what Everything ever wanted to share with everyone.

And so they lived as everyone. All together, united. Until each one of them noticed that Everything gifted them all with a little bit of itself. Each one of Firstborn, as they saw Everything inside them, became Everything of their own. They started to create. From Chaos, Order, Light and Darkness, multitude of universes and dimensions was made by Firstborn ones. They’ve been creating, so more can see, feel and hear.

And there that one Firstborn. The one who seen Everything inside of self, yet never wanted to become Everything. All he wanted is to protect what Everything was once given to Firstborn ones. He saw the chaos growing in how much Firstborn been creating, and so he spoiled his Everything to be the one and only piece of it – Order. He was the one to defy the gift of creation from Everything, yet stand as part of it, with grand feel of Order inside of self. Nameless, he became the mind behind Order, Balance Watcher. To see, that the gift of Everything wasn’t lost in Chaos.

Firstborn ones, willing to put more life in their creations, forgot about Balance. And with time, newborn dimensions became overfilled with Chaos. And so, Chaos itself started to corrupt Firstborn ones. They started to see themselves independent from Everything, and so they called themselves to be Gods of their own creations. They saw creations of others, and so, they wanted to claim them, to extend their powers. Firstborn War then began. Most fearsome and cruel war to ever exist. Firstborn fought each other to claim whatever they’d get from others. Dimensions and universes been vanishing in process in great numbers, being either destroyed by one of Gods or by Chaos overfilling them. And so this Chaos started to sink even in those dimensions that yet can be saved. And so Nameless stepped forward, to stop all-consuming War. Chains of Order stopped holding him, when Chaos overflow became too grand. As Balance been disturbed by ever growing Chaos, he saw no other way but to cut it down, to not let it spread from power of grand gift of his kind, which became the curse for what Everything once created.

Many dimensions got wiped then. Firstborn ones stopped to exist, as well as their dimension. Yet the gift of Everything still lives. Small bits of it, still living inside of every little being created by Firstborn ones before they got corrupted.

Part Two. Everything.

But something happened. Nothing doesn’t supposed to stay as it is forever. And so, it gave the birth to Everything. Everything was born from Nothing. Everything to see. Everything to hear. Everything to feel. And Everything replaced Nothing. It’s still been lonely though. There’s been no one to see, hear or feel. And no one ever existed. And so Everything saw the only way how to fix it. How to do that everyone can see, everyone can hear, and everyone can feel.

Everything stopped to exist as One. To give birth to Many. But it’s not been possible on it’s own, so Everything changed, broke itself. Into Four. Four elements to make Many.

From Everything, the first Elements were created.





They existed ever since Everything split into them. And they’ll ever exist, until Everything will turn into Nothing yet again, to keep the cycle.

All those elements – they’re important then you create something.

Order helps you to make the rules of the universe. It was straight line to defy how the things should go for it’s existance.

Light and Darkness makes the world itself. They make things visible. You can hear them, you can feel them. And those aspects can’t live on their own without another. They exist to make you whole. To make you see. Make you hear. Make you feel.

And there’s Chaos. The essence to bring life in what’s dead on it’s own. Because without even a bit of chaos and disorder, Nothing happens.

Part One. Nothing.

At first, there was Nothing. Nothing existed.

Nothing to see. Nothing to hear. Nothing to feel. Yet Nothing – existed. It was the first thing to exist, even if it’s what we call Nothing. Nothing never evolved. Never devolved. Never grew. Never shrinked. It was Nothing, and there’s been nothing to do with it.

Nothing ever been happening in there, and Nothing was fine with that. It stayed as it is for ever and never, as no time or space yet existed. Nothing to ever interrupt it’s peaceful, perfect existance.