Delta Squad Adventure(Spiral Knights fan-fiction)(contains MAJOR SPOILERS)

So here, I decided to put one of my ideas on matters of Spiral Knight fan-fiction I’ve been planning to make for a while now. As idea got more or less a good shape capable to be written down, I’ll share it with you in case if you interested in reading basics of actual unfinished projects.

This is not fan-fiction itself, but more like a short through-story tour, which explains the major planned storyline flow. I consider it to be a major spoilers, so if you hope to see this story one day completed, I advice you to wait and don’t read any futher. Yet, there’s still a major chance that this story actually will never gonna be finished, so that’s why I share it here with you. So it’ll have a chance to see the world, instead of gathering dust on my hard drive.

Choridia, after a while of being alone from moment of her last go to Shadow Lair, got carried too much futher by the story she created by self – the one about true Lord Vana, and all knights been no one else but ancestors of Almire Kingdom. As she’s been waisting no time, going up through the ranks, she achieved top prestige rank and received a rank of vanguard, which allowed her access to all of Spiral Order libraries, containing all the text retrieved from Skylark and from depths of Cradle. With such possibilities, she decided to search for possible proofs of her hand-made story in which she believed, so she started to decipher the texts that might have followed her to the answers on her story and possibly – on what is truly lies deep within the Core.

Soon she realizes that there’s a bit too much of work for just one pair of hands, so she starts to look for a team to build. At first her eye lies on Drop-Shocker, young squire who’s yet quite enthusiastic on matters of joining Choridia’s team. Second one to join is Eldion, crafter who got eventually bored of what he does. With Dread-Tail, stranger who decides to give a helping hand, Choridia builds Delta Squad, making team’s main priority the deciphering of Cradle’s secrets by both venturing deep within and finding secrets hidden deep within Spiral Library.

After some time, Dread-Tail suddenly dissapears. As Choridia got a sudden bad feeling about this, she asks Eldion to look after Drop-Shocker so he won’t follow her, as she’ll go into Clockworks in search of Dread-Tail if something bad had happened to him, reasoning it with it been too dangerous for all of them going, as there’ll be no one to ask for help if everyone will get in trap or something. Eldion agrees, while Choridia descents into Clocworks, searching for missing team member.

Soon, on Fiend’s depths she finds him, as dark devilites been tending to him, enchanting runes around Dread-Tail. He reveals that he never wanted to help Choridia, and everything he’s done is just used her privileges to find special rune tome that will enchant his strength and will make him strongest of the knights to rule over Spiral Order. With calling him a traitor, Choridia challenges Dread-Tail for a battle, in which, with enchanted strength drawn from Cursed Eye, Choridia at first loses her left eye, and then, defeated, seemingly dies, as cursed energy blocks her ability to “revive”.

Yet, her defeat reverts the energies of ritual, which made Dread-Tail more powerful, and Choridia gets revived, to continue the duel with her new enemy. While Dread-Tail uses Gran Faust enchanted by Cursed Eye, Choridia enchants her Divine Avenger with her newly-received Crystal Eye, giving the edge of her sword blue, crystal-like light. In battle, Choridia eventually defeats and kills Dread-Tail, piercing him through the chest with her sword. After he falls, she destroys his transmitter, to make him unable to return to Haven, and checks that he’s unable to revive, low on energy after dark ritual. After battle, Choridia’s Crystal Eye dims and dissapears, and so dims and dissapears completely the edge light of Divine Avenger, making him look like a common sword.

With return, Choridia soon meets with Eldion and explains him a situation, asking him to not tell anything about incident with Dread-Tail to Drop-Shocker, to keep his mind clear and soul pure, as she’ll make up another story to tell him. Eldion accepts the thinking of Choridia, and helps her with adjusting her helmet, to make an eye patch which will cover the eye, broken beyond any possible repairs.

As of that, information on death of Dread-Tail is kept hidden, and investigation in libraries continues. Yet, after some time yet again, from Spiral Order Choridia receives information on suspicious activity in Undead levels of Clockworks, and she’s send to investigate. With some training in library, Choridia also gives that mission as opportunity on her ability to use Crystal Eye, as her Divine Avenger still seemed to be broken.

As she goes deep down, she finds the traits of ritual runes similar to ones used by devilites. As she follows it, she finds Dread-Tail, seemingly alive. Yet now his whole body is held by curse, and his actual soul replaced with one of blood-thirsty black kat. Black kat finishes the ritual before Choridia is able to do anything, and then he uses his new body to start a fight with Crystal Eye Choridia, with charged Divine Sword and charged Tortoise Shield, allowing Choridia to create the tortoise body around herself, capable for close battle and taking heavy hits, while black kat charges curse around self, uses Gran Faust and also uses his soul replica as shield from Choridia’s attacks. Battle gets ended by Choridia using her dual-wielding skills, as she charges her second weapon, Gran Faust, with energy of Crystal Eye, making Faust and Avenger to be weapons alike, and with all that power, she crushes through black kat defense and in the end, beheads the body, breaking the bond between body and soul, and also shattering the soul into pieces. After battle, she destroys all the elements of the rituals and leaves back to Haven. “Black Kat Curse” becomes official reason of Dread-Tail’s disappearance and death.

On next go withing Clockworks with personal Delta Squad investigation, Choridia meets suspicious gremlin mender. As he request Choridia for private talk, he reveals that he knows full well of her abilities to use Crystal Eye, yet as she’s still hardly able to use it on good level, he can provide his training on using it and improving her skills. After some questioning and arguing and doubts, Choridia still accepts the offer. At the same time, while Choridia been away, Drop-Shocker and Eldion meets Lacony, with whom they spend quite a time talking, and then said that Choridia must take him in the team. As Lacony accepts the invitation to Delta Squad, he fills the empty spot and joins the investigation.

Choridia activity schedule gets tighter, as she now have to spend time checking libraries, training with her team and as well training in using of her Crystal Eye with gremlin mender. Investigation also started to give some dim, yet fruits – with books, Delta Squad starts to find some lines connecting Skylark with Cradle, though yet they have no clear proves to be able and say that Spiral knights are indeed descendants of Almire Empire, however devotees or last survived ones. As investigation progresses, Choridia gets invited to one of Lieutenants, as he congratulates her in success of her research and requests to share the details of her squad findings, mistakenly mentioning Crystal Eye amongst them. As no one suppose to know about it, without revealing any information to lieutenant, Choridia instantly puts a fight against him, while he, accepting his mistake, opens void right in the middle of his room, in which both gets sucked in, ending up in darkness of the Swarm.

As Lieutenant gets slowly consumed by it, Choridia is yet protected by her Crystal Eye, which she instantly activates, seeing danger. Lieutenant explains that he wanted to know the secret behind that eye, and so he made a deal with Swarm to learn about that Eye and get it for self, and use it to open the Core, as Crystal Eye energy potency is well capable for doing that. They put a fight, in which Lieutenant gets defeated and consumed by Swarm, while in the last moment before void got closed, Choridia returns back in Haven through it. There, in the room jumps Feron, seeing fading Crystal Eye of Choridia and then heaing her words on fact that she no longer has any trust to high command of Spiral Order and gonna act on her own, declining any orders received.

After this scene, she leaves to Clockwork, where her another training session suppose to be established, to not find her trainer in place there they supposed to train. Going a bit deeper though, Choridia finds that her teacher got trapped by Swarm creatures, and there’s been first seeds of Swarm growing. Using all her knowledge and what she learned, Choridia gives a battle against Swarm, saving the gremlin, which later also happens to be more than capable of using energy in battles against Swarm, in similar fashion as Choridia uses her Crystal Eye.

As they’re been ascending on elevator to safer depths of Clockworks, Choridia notices the Swarm Greavers flying up from lower depths. With Argent Peacemaker she shoots them down, and then, charging the gun with lots of energy, she transforms it into stronger gun, which ends up releasing phoenix-like bird, controlled by Choridia’s mind. In that new body, Choridia flies down to the Core, to find Vaelyn Squad under heavy attack by Swarm creatures getting released from the Core. As they’re trying to retreat to entrance elevator, as it’s been the only one working on the moment of attack, Choridia uses energy to put away most of Swarm creatures with powerful laser beam, and then descends to platform, to shield the knights with her own body as they retreat to elevator. Vaelyn takes her leave last, noticing that blue bird seemed to look like a familiar knight inside of ghostly body. As soon as elevator with all knights rises up from the Core, Choridia rans out of energy to keep her bird-shape form. Phoenix near the core shatters and disappears, as Choridia by self loses her consciousness and nearly falls down in elevator, yet kept by gremlin mender from falling, who then tends to her, helping her to restore.

After restoring, gremling reveals that he’s real Tinkizar, who’s been cast off as soon as gremlins found the coming Skylark. He’s been the only one to remember the old times then almirians left the Cradle, yet for a while, as he’s been tending to his knowledge to the core, the real power over gremlins went to several Orders, who got crazied by power they got and as they wanted to get the power from the Core as well, forgetting that it became an actual trap for a Swarm, and opening the Core will lead to letting this evil power to be free, as if like it’s already not been trying to sink out of there and take everything in sight. He then tells Choridia to return back to Haven and warn Spiral Order about coming danger, as he’ll be preparing first line of defense in Emberlight.

Choridia follows the order, yet pretty much in fashion of her last words said to Feron. After she shares her knowledge with Vanguards and Lieutenants, they consider to start preparing defense in Haven, instead of going down and help gremling at Emberlight. Choridia refuses to accept that order and, with Delta Squad prepared to head off, she passes all the knights who’s been ordered to seal the entrances to Clockworks and descents to Emberlight, where she explains the situation to Tinkizar and shows her own will to fight on his side, protecting Emberlight at all cost. Delta Squad helps with final defense preparation, as Swarm approaches.

In the battle against Swarm, Tinkizar and Choridia takes the main role, powering defenses with their energy, as well as fact that Choridia instinctively summons Crystal Warriors to fight at her side. Later on Tinkizar mentions that Lord Vana once had a similar ability, with which he’s alone been holding down the Swarm while Firestorm Citadel been evacuating before it changed by Swarm. In the midst of the battle, Desna and her Recon Rangers appear, as Desna considered disobeying the order to be the best way to solve the situation with the Swarm. She also reveals to be the wielder of Crystal Eye, though she refused to learn all the capabilities of it and kept that ability in secret from anyone. With her Eye, she’s been able to charge up her Jalovec into Triglav, muchly increasing it’s power. The battle with Swarm ended up by battle between Phoenix Choridia and Dark Phoenix, spawned by Swarm. Choridia’s victory been achieved by both her strength and support from Tinkizar and Desna.

Swarm draws back, yet Delta Squad, lead by Choridia, considers moving forward to the Core, to seal it. Tinkizar and Desna decides to stay in Emberlight to reinforce the defenses and keep the Swarm at bay, not letting it to get any futher as long as possible. As Delta Squad descends, Choridia keeps her Crystal Eye to protect her team mates from being consumed by Swarm, as all of them been fighting their way through twisted depths of Clockworks to the Core.

As they reach the Core, they jump into it before considering to do over-wise. They end up inside a white space with nothing inside and around. Using Crystal Eye, Choridia figures out how to create things inside the Core from energy, and so she makes the way for self and her squad to walk into what she assumed to be the center of the Core. On their way they find weird randomly-generated structures – illusions close to reality, like passing tortodrones on their migration, royal jelly castle etc.

After time, they enter the dark, void-like space, where Choridia still able to create the way forward, though now she also protects her squad and lights their way forward, as this darkness happens to be nothing but Swarm. In same time Swarm started to spawn all sorts of creatures, trying to stop the knights. Everyone gives a fight against them, while keep moving forward.

At some point, Choridia sees 4 knigts floating unconsciousness in the Void, yet protected by blue shine from consuming. As she keeps pushing to them, it gets harder to get through the Swarm like if it’s been getting heavier or more concentrated right in front of her. Soon, red eye appears in darkness, and few huge skeleton hands appear from nowhere, and start smashing the shield created by Choridia to protect the knights, making futher progression hardly possible. As Drop-Shocker, Lacony and Eldion simultaneously attacks the red eye with all ranged weapons they had, it turns anrgy and charges cursed lazer beam instead of using fists. This pushes Choridia to her limits, then she uses all her powers to create Phoenix and, while trying to hold the shield, charges Phoenix for ultimate attack. In the end, attacks of the squad joined by powerful light beam from Phoenix destroys the eye, removing the Swarm that surrounded them, clearing out that part of the Core. Squad members catches up the knights that been floating in darkness before, as Choridia yet again nearly falls down, unconsciousness. Yet this time lord Vana catches her, holding her from falling. Soon those knights got back their consciousness and revealed that they’re the one’s known as Alpha Squad, thanking for their save on behalf of Spiral Order. Though as soon as Euclid learned that it’s mostly Choridia’s doing that they got saved, he got a bit frustrated, as there happened to be the knight stronger than him. Though that feeling quickly went down, as lord Vana ordered both squads to retreat from the Core, as the job on drawing Swarm away is nearly done, and now everyone have little time to leave and return to safety in Haven.

While unconsciousness, Choridia waked up inside her mind, which, no matter on all her efforts, got infected by darkness of the Swarm, which she had to battle right inside her mind. Hard battle got won with help of all memories of everyone who helped Choridia on her way from as then she became a knight to the very moment then she descended to the Core, to find the truth about it and possibly – save Alpha Squad, in which, as she hoped, her Delta Squad succeeded. After defeat of Swarm Choridia, she talked to lord Vana, who explained that at most, thoughts of Choridia was right, and futhermore, both she and Desna are descendants of Vana, as Crystal Eye are the gift from the Core to Almire leaders, who’s at birth promised to protect the Core from any danger at all cost.

Choridia gets her consciousness back near the Core. Both squads leaves it safely, as it closes right behind their backs. It still left unclear who’s actually opened the Core and how, or why it got opened of all the sudden, but it’s been considered that if someone actually opened it, that someone most likely got consumed by Swarm. Also, the Core is too dangerous to be opened again, no matter how much energy it yields, as Swarm is still there and hardly can be defeated.


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