Delta Squad Adventure(Spiral Knights fan-fiction)(contains MAJOR SPOILERS)

So here, I decided to put one of my ideas on matters of Spiral Knight fan-fiction I’ve been planning to make for a while now. As idea got more or less a good shape capable to be written down, I’ll share it with you in case if you interested in reading basics of actual unfinished projects.

This is not fan-fiction itself, but more like a short through-story tour, which explains the major planned storyline flow. I consider it to be a major spoilers, so if you hope to see this story one day completed, I advice you to wait and don’t read any futher. Yet, there’s still a major chance that this story actually will never gonna be finished, so that’s why I share it here with you. So it’ll have a chance to see the world, instead of gathering dust on my hard drive.

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