Weapon Out Of Hands. Part 1.

– Thank you for coming. I hope you don’t mind our protocols, so we gonna follow them. My name is Dan Brisky. Tell me, what’s your name?

It’s been well-lighted room. White walls, one table and two chairs standing near the table, opposite to each other. On the middle of there’s been audio recorder. On the one side of table, there’s been sitting a man with short brown hair and blue eyes, weared as policemen. On another side, there’s been 23 years old girl. Long red hairs, green eyes. Yet, if policemen looked rather calm and well, she’s been itching a bit, and not looked very healthy – her eyes been red and wet because of tears.

– Lilith Sinther, – she calmly answered.

– Good, – Dan briefly smiled to her. – I believe you know why we invited you here. If you may – please tell us the story about what happened that evening. Try not to miss anything that got your attention.

For a few seconds, Lilith stayed silent, and then, after short nod, she started to talk.

– We’ve been in restaurant that evening – me and my boyfriend, Kent. We left the place bit later than Kent planned, but we wanted to spend some time on walk together, while on walk to my home, so he’s been afraid a bit that we might be unfortunate enough to meet someone unwanted… like he’s been feeling that would happen…

– Alright, calm down, – Dan stopped her from talking, seeing how eyes of girl starts to get too wet again. – Take a deep breath. So, you’ve been on the street on way back to your home. And then what happened?

– Then… those guys appeared. Like from nowhere. They just stepped out of darkness, coming to us. One of them, I guess their leader, asked for  smoke, and Kent said he don’t smoke at all. That’s true – I never saw a single sigarette in his hands… he always been careful with his health… and then he just said “Then I guess there’s something we can take instead of that”. He just covered me with his body, not letting them to reach me… and they started to beat him. First with hands, and then he fall on the ground, with legs, while I’ve been too afraid to do anything… and then they though he got enough beating, they tried to take me again, yet Kent somehow found strengh to stand up and cover me a-again…

– Alright, little pause again. Deep breath, – Dan took the water out of the table, and gave it to girl. – Take a little sip, try to calm down. And then you’ll be feeling fine, continue.

– …they decided to not hold up anymore, – after a pause girl continued her speech. – All I saw is short blink and splash sound. Then blood on the ground… and then Kent fall. There’s been a knive stuck in his chest… all his body been covered in blood, they surely hit him not once… I didn’t even had strenght to scream. Even though soon there’s appeared the reason to do so… their leader haven’t got the time to do next step to me – Kent standed up again. I don’t know how. Why. He did it. He took the knife out of his chest… and then the blood spewed out of neck of bullies leader. Kent turned his head to me and just told me to run. And I ran. I’ve been too scared to do something else, but his only word put so much strengh in my legs, I’ve just turned and started to run away from this nightmare… I don’t know what happened with him after that. Only thing I noticed that there’s been two of this guys running behind me, following. One of them been able to reach me, tried to hold my hair… but not for too long. Kent appeared just not too far again. He threw a knive in the hand of this guy, and so he stopped holding me. Kent screamed at me to run again, and I kept running, until I reached home… I didn’t knew what happened to him until I received the call from medical center. Whole this night my mom been tending to me, trying to calm me down…

– So… you don’t know what exactly happened, am I right? – asked Dan, and she nod to him. – Very well… that morning we found exactly 6 dead bodies. Those guys been followed by police by different reasons – robbery, vandalism, sexual harrasment. Violently killed, pretty much in same time. And one survivor – badly wounded boy, who somehow survived. I believe it’s Kent you mentioned, right?

– Y-yes… – she nodded and covered her face with hands. – I… I didn’t knew he might do such a bloodshed just because of me…

– Tell me – is he been telling anything about himself? Might it really be that your boyfriend is capable for killing so much people?

– No… he’s always been a peaceful kind, avoiding fights… even though he’s been orphan, he’s well educated, having a good job, never been in army… He’s never been a fighter, yet more of diplomatic sort…

– I see. Thanks for telling us what you know, it surely gonna help us with resolving what happened.

– Tell… you not gonna take him in prison? – she asked, looking at Dan with eyes filled with tear.

– No, I don’t think so, – he answered. – I think we’ll cover it as self-protection, that not gonna make any iron bars on his way, once he’ll get well.

– Thanks…


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