Half-Quake Ponies ideas.

Time for old ideas which is long abandoned. Once on my birthday I draw myself a piece of art, called “Half-Quake Ponies”. I’ve been under a strong effect of Half-Quake back then, and as well, eventually, I learned about Sunrise birthday contest, so my art took a part in it and somehow I took 5th place. Conception of art, after such a winning, eventually gave me an idea for something else, after mixing my thoughts with Half-Quake Amen comics I saw. I had an idea for my own comics, and back then, I’ve been really confident in quality of my pony art.

Half-Quake Ponies supposed to start from regular day of Pinkie Pie – one of mine characters from MLP series. She’s been making preparations for party, and there also been invited my character, pegasus Niles. Yet, something went horribly wrong – after huge black-green explosion, Pinkie and Niles wakes up in dark world of Sadism Institute. Their look changes according to the world they got in – even though they still been ponies, Niles wings changed to be more dragon-like, and eyes – more cat-like, even changing color from brown to green(which is actually been a part of his life – original Nies the fox, base of that pony character, on that moment been half-dragon), and pink body fur of Pinkie Pie changed on dark-gray. Her tail also lost it’s puffed look, yet her mane left intact(tail changes shows her depressive part of self, oftenly reffered as Pinkamena. Yet only tail was changed to show that actual Pinkie Pie is still on “battlefield”). They’ve been explained the rules – they did something wrong in their life, and now they have to suffer, going through all the rooms in search of exit. Pinkie Pie accepts that challenge, while Niles keeps on observing everything around. They getting through puzzles as Niles acts as brains, and Pinkie acts as body. She sees it as getting closer to the end of that weird place, while Niles already realized where they really are – as adventurer between dimentions, he’s been well aware of the fact that there’s no exit out of that place, yet he decided to hold from telling it to Pinkie, to keep her spirit alive. Eventually, they meet with BJ. Surprised by new kind of victims, he still tells them about the lack of actual exit, and how often he’s been smashed by all kinds of things while being here, first as living body, and later as talking skeleton. Niles soon reveals that whole this time he knew that there’s no exit from Institute, and the only thing you can do in this place is to die. This put a scar between him and Pinkie – they don’t talk with each other until Patience. While on Patience, Pinkie finally asks what else Niles knows about the place. He tells her about all sorts of traps he learned about from his adventures, and as well he mentions Somos, who suppose to mark the end of their searches, so it’s either him kills them, or there’ll be final door with unavoidable deadly trap, so you gonna die anyways. Pinkie Pie gets the last hold on her spirit, getting ready to challenge Somos, hoping that he may know the real exit out of this place, as he always in the end of the way. Through the Violence, they finally getting to Somos. Yet, they meet not Amen Somos, but first prototype of Sunrise one, as Amen one been crushed long before them and now got reformed. He gives them a creepy speech, but rather not in the mood for talking, Niles finally utilises his dragon abilities and tries to struck Somos with lightning. His head gets broken, but after a bit it’s replaced with new one, and now he can shoot exploding trunders from his face. Niles getting hit, and thunder deals damage hardly capable with futher living. Seeing dying Niles finally breaks Pinkie, and so her mane also becomes straight as her tail. Depressed and angry, she decides to destroy Somos. She breaks 4th wall, steals Sword of Sadism from one of previous pages, and then navigates her way between strips to get closer to Somos, while he can’t hit her beyond limits of strip or break 4th wall as she did. In the end, she appears out of borded of strips where Somos face can be closely seen, cuts his head with one slash and cuts what’s left in half with second slash. Pinkamena stays on dark ground, and Somos turns into big green explosion. After the victory Pinkamena comes to Niles’ body, to see that he’s still alive. He’s trying to cheer her up, but she feels too heavy under the feeling that one who guided her through this dark world is just about to die. He tells here that then she defeated Somos, he found an exit from Institute, so there is actual happy ending. Pinkamena almost smiled, ready to listen for way for them to depart, but instead Niles just says “Goodbye”, and everything disappears in white light. Pinkie comes back to senses in very same spot from where she disappeared at sadistic explosion. It’s been like time stopped and started again, yet she’s been unable to remember Niles or anything that happened in Institute of Sadism – all this, in the end, never happened to her, so she just kept doing her regular things. Back in Institute, Niles gathered last of his strenght to walk to final door. He used his own ability to move between dimentions to get Pinkie out of Institute, as he saw a little dimentional gap as Somos exploded. Yet he had not the power to leave the place the same way. Stepping through last door, he curses peoples who runs the Institute, predicting it soon fall and destruction by words “Darkness will fall, and sun will rise”. Seconds after that, he gets smashed by giant hand, leaving nothing from his body, which allows him, as actual immortal instance, revive himself in another dimention far away from place where he died. So it actually ends up that those two are the only one who’s been able to run away from Institute, after all. Even though last victim in role of Niles died anyways, so technically, he’s not been able to run away from there. Old good thing. Though, I might say that on the way while I’ve been writing it, I made it up a bit, as then I just got that idea, it’s been clearly unrefined. Now it at least looks as something, and not just bunch of random words and thoughs. Cheers, TLN


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