End of an Empire ideas for story.

This one suppose to be a rather long and complicated project. I guess all Celldweller fans are aware of the fact, that in his music, Celldweller tries to tell the story, and so Wish Upon a Blackstar with Blackstar novel suppose to be those stories that he tells by his music, and events of those happens in one same world that Celldweller made.

End Of An Empire also suppose to be the story, told in chapters. And I can’t help myself but try to make something out of that idea, as some story actually rolls in my head while I listen to End Of An Empire. Yet the idea is quite complicated and not easy to make, not telling about the fact that I know pretty much nothing about the world that Celldweller made, so the story will come to be pretty much a failure, as it not gona be even close to what actual story suppose to be behind the song.

So I’m just gonna put the sketched idea I have in my head, in case if I’ll ever try to return to it.

Central, large futuristic city introduced in Unshakeable clip, in Blackstar and on cover of Wish Upon A Blackstar, got attacked by large battle spaceship. Scandroids tries to analyze the threat, yet also getting destroyed in the process, while spaceship blasts also destroys the city itself, wrecking the chaos. Emperor, sitting in his throneroom, getting reports on damage, and gives order for army to start the massive attack on the ship, to destroy it at all cost. Yet even then army was sent, Emperor sends his closest and mightiest man – Luminary, to deal with spaceship while attackers distracted by regular army. Without questions, Luminary goes to deal with given task, while Emperor, stepping out of his throneroom, goes to other end of it, where he can see Central getting destroyed and his own forces fighting with enemy.

Equipped with his special gear, Emperor charges it from black energy core, floating behind his throne in special energy cell, and sends the pulse of energy into enemy ship, destroying it for quite a bit. Attack doesn’t left without attention, and right before Emperor appears the leader of spaceship, Overseer, and with one strong hit sends the Emperor flying back into his throne. Yet Emperor doesn’t get any heavy damage, thanks to his gear and energy concentrated in it. Two god-like creature starts their fight inside throneroom.

In meantime, Luminary, almost undetected, gets on the spaceship, to encounter there with Seers. He takes the fight with few of them and, after defeating them, hacks into spaceship energy systems. Through them, he finds the heart of spaceship and way to easily destroy it. He fights his way to ship core, takes the control over the ship to destroy it’s crew, and then to destroy ship itself, sending it to fall in the wastelands.

Emperor and Overseer takes a long fight with each other, yet Emperor had the advantage the whole this time – black core been constantly charging him with energy, so in the end he won the hard fight. But before he’s been able to kill Overseer, he teleported away, leaving the battlefield. Soon, Luminary appears to report success of his mission. Yet, it’s all been pretty much to naught – there’s already been too much damage dealt to Central, to make it hard to recover. Soon, there appears more of reports – similar spaceships been attacking other big cities of empire, leaving nothing but burning ruins, as there’s no one strong enough to protect them. Central happens to be the only city to barely survive this attack.

That’s all the story. There suppose to be more, but I believe there will be something as the whole chapter “Time” will be released. Let’s wait until September 16.




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