Final Fantasy XIV story(1.0 improvisation “Tales from the Calamity”)

It’s improvisations time! As I expected, new Celdweller track “End of an Empire” gave me a hell lot of inspiration. I’ve been thinking about making some sort of continuation of previous “End of an Empire” sketch, then I though to make something about Pokemons, then it’s been about my MBSF team, then there’s been dynamic idea of grand battle in Freedom Planet which I can’t make out of what I have in my head… and suddenly Dalamud popped up in my head. And I though – it’s a sign. I care not that my character isn’t Legacy one, I just gonna pretend he’s been a part of battle on Carteneau Flats at moment of Calamity, as so many other adventurers.

The fight on Carteneau been raging in it’s grand moment. The lesser moon, Dalamud, kept on going down, burning in it’s red colors. Landing it’s light on the battlefield, covering it on red, like there’s been not enough of blood-red colors on the ground, among lying bodies of the fallen, those who’s been dying because of someone’s command or in hopes to protect their families. Eorzean Alliance faced their enemy, Garlean Empire, in the greatest battle, ready to fight until their last breath.

But it’s not only Alliance soliders who’s been joining this battle. Countless adventurers also took their place on the field. Warriors and black mages destroying and distracting enemy troops, white mages tending to wounded and holding their teammates from harm ways. Bards singing their ballads to keep the spirit of fighers. They also been fighting like it’s been very end, like there’s nothing to loose. They’re been protecting others for no reward, just because it’s what their heart been telling them. Sadly, it doesn’t meant that all the adventurers as brave as those who’s currently stayed on battlefield against garlean threat, not to mention landing Dalamud…

– We shall retreat, now.

– Oh really?

LIttle lalafell, geared with black monk shirt, stayed while looking into the eyes of paladin hyur, which standed right in front of him. Behind hyur, stayed two other members of the team – Miqo’te white mage and roedagyn dragoon. They had a serious disagreement right now, while the battle been raging….

– Yes. For us, this fight is over. There’s nothing we can do here.

– Is that so? Then tell me – what those other adventurers trying to do, in your opinion? – lalafell just pointed to the battlefield. – Those who currently fight with enemy that wants to do nothing else, but put all of us on the knees. Why they stay, and we should leave?

– Because Dalamud don’t gonna see any differerence in who you are, – hyur kept calm, though his body started to shake. – This will end with everyone dying on this battlefield, and quite soon. We’re leaving, or we dying with all those adventurers.

Those words silenced the lalafell. For a few seconds, he just stayed… and then whistled, so his dark-green chocobo ran to him. The whole team jumped in saddles, and started their leave from battlefield, as Dalamud kept getting closer to the surface of Eorzea…

The air shaked, making a loud rumble. Dalamud started to fall apart, and pieces of it started to fall on battlefield. Lalafell looked on it… something blinked in his mind. Something he never really knew.

“Those pieces gonna land just into the middle of Alliance army. Allagan protection system will be initiated immediately, and with everything happening, Alliance don’t gonna have a slightest chance against the ancient technology…”

Lalafell stopped his bird, while others kept running. He feed her gysahl green he kept in special pouch on saddle, and then smiled, while bird been eating a snack.

– At least you don’t gonna leave me on this final battle, right Silitary? – he slowly stroke the feathers of chocobo, while one first chewed in surprise, and then closed her eyes, watching on battlefield.

– Avadon, what in the name of Dalamud are you doing??? – party finally noticed the abscense of lalafell, but it’s been too late to retreat.

– Stop swearing on that moon, soon it will happen that you don’t gonna have one to swear on, – with those words, lalafell turned his bird and ran right to the battlefield.

Others did their best – but they left him, thinking as what he does is just madness. He thought not a little different from them – he even knew it. But then they left, he decided to fight until the end, together with others. And he’s not been alone – his trusted chocobo companion, Silitary, stayed with him.

Dalamud started to crumble – by raising his head, lalafell saw the pieces of it falling on battlefield. With rumble, a huge piece of it fall almost on soliders of Gridania. Avadon kept his chocobo running even though the small pieces been falling nearby, and huge cloud of dust flew right into his face…

He knew it’ll be worse, so as soon as his chocobo reacher the piece of Dalamud, he jumped out of saddle and grabbed his fighting claws. Protection nodes already popped up, giving unfriendly red light to soliders, stepping back slowly, afraid on unknown enemy.

– You picked wrong opponent, dumb sphere! You gonna fight with me!

In the instance, Avadon raged right into the node, landing a heavy punch on it. His movment been swift as ever, yet even then node striked back, he didn’t feel much of pain – his energy been circulating in his body, staying protective to him, reducing damage dealt by opponent. Chocobo kewwed on node, but stayed away, casting healing spells on fighting lalafell. Soon, after constant punching, broken node shut off it’s light and fall, and then lalafell jumped on another, blasting into him from the distance. Nodes kept appearing, but soliders also not stayed idle… with what they’ve been able to provide, they been attacking nodes together with Avadon, helping him to destroy them faster. But even him had his limits, and movements eventually became slower than before…

Burning fireball knocked lalafell a bit back, and another broken node flew away. He looked in side from where it came – there’s been blackmage lalafell staying, already casting another Fire spell into next node.

– Take yourself a little rest, friend! – he shouted. – I’ll take care of this buggers, while you should gather your strenght and do whatever you planned to do by raging right into the flame of the battle!

Avadon just smiled and, after short node, jumped up on his chocobo. Silitary stayed calm the whole battle, without any fear of enemy. Now lalafell been absolutely sure that his fellow chocobo don’t gonna live him alone on this battlefield… yet it’s been not only that in his head.

Another dust cloud flew into him and his chocobo – then it calmed down, lalafell saw a huge gizmo, which once been a part of Dalamud. Blue lines started to cover the surface of lesser moon… and as it is, lalafell rushed right to there. Chocobo got his way right into dark gizmo – they didn’t saw any nodes appearing, which is been a good sign. They run right on it and, not stopping even for a second, dashed to it’s top. jumping right from it’s edge…

Smaller pieces of Dalamud, falling apart, happened to be of size just enough for chocobo to jump onto it. And that’s what Silitary did. Jumped on one piece, then on another, crushing them under his legs, but slowly moving forward and upwards, getting lalafell closer and closer to crumbling red moon…

The picture been terrifying. Dalamud kept landing his pieces on Carteneau, even though some of those, somehow, kept floating mid air, causing chaos down below. But that’s just the part of it… as the top of the moon fall apart, elder primal Bahamut, in his rage, roared upon the realm. He got his freedom, and now the only thing he wanted is to unleash his fury upon Eorzea. Scaring everyone down below, making both enemies and allies willing to leave the battlefield in haste… and that’s been exact point where lalafell been heading.

Silitary jumped on one of floating panels, and stopped, looking for the way to jump futher… but before she did that, Avadon jumped off the saddle, landing on the panel and looking on chocobo.

– I’m sorry, but you can’t follow me any futher. Thanks for your help, I don’t know what I’d have done without you until that moment.

He pat his chocobo gently, and then landed the strong punch on floating panel, jumping away right after it. Lights started to blink, and the platform started to slowly descent, while lalafell been jumping between pieces of Dalamud on his own, followed by worried khewing of his chocobo, which had no way to follow him.

Lalafell used Fists of Wind to make his movement even faster. Surely, the bird been way stronger than him in matters of running and jumping… but wind now helped to push abilities of little monk to limits, to reach the closest platform to primal, to took the battle one by one with him.

Avadon looked in the eyes of the elder dragon, burning with fiery rage. But all he did is just pulled his own fists against each other.

– I know I’m unlikely to leave this battle alive… but I gonna win enough time to give others at least a bit more of it to leave this place, or maybe even stop you. I won’t leave this place without landing at least few hits on you.

He knew how his aetheric energies flows, inside and around him. It’s been the time to use the skills beyond what he’s beeen taugh. Fists of Fire started to burn the blood of Avadon deep inside him, boiling his inner energies. But this inner flame not been enough for that battle. And so lalafell started to gather everything he’s been able to get from very air around him, from what left of Dalamud, charging himself, checking how much he can gain. Aetherflow around him started to gain visible look – like white fire, it started to gather around his body, getting brighter as energies withing been unable to stand inside the body of lalafell. Primal not stayed idle – his energies been gathering withing his neck, where his heart been pulsing under the strong cover, impossible to be hit. Corrupted aether been gathering in his throat…

To get released as destructive fire, burning everything around the primal and aimed on staying lalafell. And in very same time, Avadon unleashed all the aether he gathered. To make inpenetrable shield of light around self, which not let the fire to burn a single hair on his head, not smallest corner of his shirt.


There’s been so much more energy. With just one swing of claws, lalafell send aetherical wave right into the face of primal, stopping him from unleashing the raging flames. But that’s not left much of the scratch. And so primal attacked again, trying to burn down the rebelous Warrior of Light. Lalafell been doing his best, jumping from one platform to another, and while he fire not even once stopped from following him, he kept spending his energy on distracting the primal. One hit after another, light been trying to penetrate protection of Bahamut, but everything to a naught. And in one moment, Bahamut just burned the next platform where Avadon wanted to jump, in advance, leaving him no way to escape…

– I did my best. I have nothing to regret.

Bahamut not cared for lalafells words, and his flame landed on shield once again. Avadon tried to keep it as long as possible, but he already started to feel how his strenght leaving him. Shield of light started to cover in cracks, as there’s been less and less energy to keep it up. Avadon closed his eyes just before the shield should have broke…

Loud “Keeeeew!” hit him right through his mind. His shield disappeared, but he still been alive. Primal used all power he collected on that attack, and started to gather it once again. But lalafell haven’t cared about it anymore. He looked in side where he heard the sound. His chocobo been staying on one of platforms. She put her magical shield on him, and healed him in advance, to prevent killing damage from fire. It helped. It saved him.

– And you followed me all the way to here… stubborn bird… – his eyes welled up, and he smiled, while looking on Silitary.

Moment been broke by Bahamut. He finally broke what’s left from red moon, throwing the pieces of it all the way around, creating burning rain which landed on Carteneau and followed the primal. Now Avadon been assured that he done everything what he’s been able to – he jumped to his chocobo and, getting into the saddle, they together jumped from the roof of floating platform.

They saw the wreckage dealt by elder dragon, while Silitary been jumping between falling pieces of what left from Dalamud. They saw Louisoix magic, protecting other adventurers from raging flames created by primal. They saw the attempt to make new Dalamud, and it looked like it gonna succeed… but it failed, and dragon broke free before his new prison been sealed.

– Oh for… is there even a slightest thing that can deal with you, stupid reptile?! – angry lalafell swinged his claws for the last time, sending the last pulse of aether he holded in himself, sending it into the primal. But after that, everything in his eyes started to blur…

Avadon woke up laying in the green grass. Trees covered the skies, but even through the leaves sun shine still been trying to get into his eyes. The air stayed fresh, bit cold, but not too much. The head of lalafell been hurting just for a bit. He tried to remember how he ended up in that place he can’t resemble, and memories hit him with short pointy strike, getting back in his mind. But that’s not made it clear how and where he ended up being. Getting back on his feets, he looked around, and whistled. He remembered he’s been together with Silitary at that last moment, but she’s not been in field of vision. And on whistle, there’s been no answer…

– Silitary? – shouted lalafell and wistled again, getting worried…

But after few seconds, with happy kewing, chocobo jumped out of the bushes, rushing right into Avadon. Rejoined, they went to the road, to re-discover the place where they ended up, to learn that they just passed a realm reborn.


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