RWBY fan-made wild idea(continuing it even futher)

So, RWBY ideas keeps going. Want to have them written somewhere.

Last post said that it most likely for my team, MBSF, to try and get themself into Beacon to refine their skills futher. After giving it some thoughs, I decided that they may go several different ways.

First one – of course, original one. MBSF gets into Beacon and asks for entrance exam, yet refusing to go there separately, as they’re already formed team. Perfectly getting through the exam, they become Beacon students, although the whole team never at sight in it’s full numbers – Mike keeps holding his conspiracy, always hiding and not revealing his true identity. In such situation it mostly like that Brook and Fidgy goes as most social members in team, and Siren is put on charge to look after them so they don’t get into something bad or whatever. While they’re at it, Mike mostly looking after Dust-stealing activity and activity of White Fang in whole, planning their possible moves and how his team can counter them. Here, this team should go as side-support to RWBY team – not in constant contact with them, normally they work separately or meets up at rare occations.

Second one! We’re going “cookies way”, and by that I mean Dark Side. Members of team slowly, but surely getting low on coin, so they getting to point that they can’t allow themself even proper feed. With growing crysis, they decide to change from simply honest work to force that can be hired – mercenaries. What they can give is team that can protect you if you paid a worth price, for extended period of time or until centrain point. or fight on your side. With one rule – they can deal a lot of damage to whatever is their target, make pure chaos whatsoever, but they heavily against killing, so as killers, they don’t work for whatever price. After some time they build themselves a reputation of reliable power, so Roman contacts them, and by contract with him, they should get rid of RWBY team by whatever means, that they don’t gonna stay on his way for at least quite a long time. After accepting this contract, MBSF starting the hunt after RWBY members, but at first not trying to put a serious fight on them, but scare them as much as possible. After some time, Ruby suppose to become their main target, and MBSF does anything to crush her battle spirit and spirit of captain, to basically leave RWBY-team without it’s head.

Third one! Maybe the best out of all them, as it goes most neutral way. MBSF reunites after some time, and they still not clearly decided on their ways of living regular life. It puts them on decision of most weirdest and possibly most fun way of solving that issue – they decide to go tomb raiding. Mike starting to search for stories of ancient artifacts they might get interested with, and as soon as they find the place where that artifact suppose to be, they going there and attempting to get it, using their skills as best as they can and even refining them futher. As old places also keeps the stories of past, Mike attempts to learn how Dust been used in past and how each of artifacts they find was born.

Something like that been circulating in my head for several days, and now it’s here. And now I’m so sad that I lack drawing skills to actually make it into something else but writings.




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