RWBY fan-made wild idea(continuation)

Just recently, my friend told me that there’s actually been quite a lot of peoples with similar team idea with what I had in my mind. Oh well, why I expected that – it’s often happens that something fan-made in my head eventually already got in someone elses mind just before me and before I’ve learned about that.

Not gonna stop me though. I already had some basic idea in my head in matters of MBSF team, so I gonna put them here.

I gonna put the biography of each member in it’s historical order, clearing out how the members more or less looks, and how the team itself got formed in my mind.

Mike lost his family then he was just 5 years old – wealthy, in one day he lost everything in fire, lucky to get out of house while it’s been burning. He became orphan, but instead of goverment finding him new family, he decided to hide from them. His mind pretty much got broken by that burning incident, yet in same time, it opened to him his ability to mind controlling. Creation of illusion and mastery of hiding himself from others pretty much helped him to survive in both wild nature and streets of the cities, which can be dangerous especially at night. As he decided to ever hide, he totally vanished his own existance and identity – as Mike, he burnt down with his house back in times of incident. Dark short-cut hair, green eyes, his skin is bright white. Most of time, he prefers to wear mask, bandana and black gear to hide his body as much as possible, to not reveal his own look. And not very talkative – most of time he prefers to stay silent. At age of 8, he met Siren, and here the team started to form.

Siren had a classic family – not rich, her family been having just enough to provide her with anything she needs, and they wanted her to be best at what she likes, willing that their daughter once become famous and gonna enjoy her goals. She’s been happy. She’s quite smart and willing to learn new things, and so she’s always been best in her school, so her parents can be proud of her. Sadly, there’s always someone who not enjoys such an optimism and wish to stay in front of others. Once on the way back from school, group of bullies attacked Siren on one of dark streets. Luckily, Mike been going that way. Siren tried to fight back, but without big success, so Mike decided to join her, first by helping her to avoid attacks, and then by getting in fight himself. After that situation, they started to build friendship. Long blue hair, dark-brown eyes. She’s also a good signer. She’s been 9 years old at time of meetihg with Mike.

Fidgy is a perty-girl – always full of energy, she’s not been too worried about her school degree, taking all her time into organising different school activities, both party- and sport-like. At some point, she decided to become a friend with Siren, and by that, she also got an attention of Mike. Then they met, she’s been 10 years old, and it happened not too long after Siren met Mike. Fidgy colors her hair quite often, yet keeps them long only to have pony-tail behind. Bright purple eyes, mostly very active, but still capable for being serious and think straight. After meeting with Fidgy, Mike started to form and idea to form an actual team, and also – educate Fidgy and Siren basics of fighting, and find the weapon that may suit them best. Few months of brainstorm together lead them to meeting with Brooke.

Brooke was once the part of team of street bullies. As he decided to stop, his decision not been met positively by his mates. Several reasons – not like it’s tolerated to just leave as you want, and they don’t wanted to miss a strong member. Brooke been well aware of his special ability for quite a long time. His old mates decided to not allow him to leave just so easily, and it put the fight between him and his old mates, who he actually not wanted to hurt. He’s been in fight then Siren, Fidgy and Mike appeared on battlefield. It’s been the first check of the team skills – girls gave full control of her bodies to Mike, and he enraged them in battle, covering Brooke from bullies, fighting them back while Brooke been unable to do so, as it’s been against his will. Slingshot, taken by Fidgh from one of the bullies, gave an idea of bow wielding. Stolen Dust, as it got to hands of Siren, allowed her to use it in fight, and here appeared an idea of Dust-charged wand. Brooke already got a weapon, though it’s been just a bat, but quite big one, and with manner how Brooke used it to reflect enemy attacks, appeared an idea of wide sword. After a fight, Brooke introduced himself to his saviors, and so Mike asked him if he wants to join their team. Brooke accepted that invitation, and so, the team been completely formed. Short red hair with dark brown eyes, Brooke have quite strong body build, and usually don’t cover his body too much. His physical strenght is quite visible, and he’s not afraid to show it. Yet he’s not brainless, well educated and fairly good at planning.

Team been forming their bounds for about a year, and after that, they left their homes for several years, to build their bonds even futher, making their teamwork better by surviving in the wild under watchful eyes of Mike, training them and training himself. In that time, they also builded up their own weapons. After several years, they came back.

Current Brooke is 18 years old. He’s getting money by distantly making different paper-work through network.

Fidgy is 19 years old. She’s organising child parties for schools and kindergartens.

Siren is 18 years old. After school exams, she decided to give a little break and think what she wants to achieve in future.

Mike is 18 years old. His only goal is to improve his skills on mind control and fights.

It suppose to be that after building up some cash, team together decided to get into Beacon, to step futher on refining their skills. As the words of Dust-stealing activity started to spread, they decided to be prepared to anything that can happen in case of emergency, be it’s mass attacks all over the world or even full-scale war.

That’s something how it suppose to work. So yeah, they’re team made by fate, yup. But that’s it. Unlikely anything else I’ll add, and not like there’s really anything to add.




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