The End Of An Empire

I watched it crumbling. Large city, so glorious just not so long ago. Wealthy, strong, unshakeable. Beautiful. Amazing. Now it’s been falling apart, piece by piece. Large skysсrapers going down, destroyed by the force beyond the understanding of normal mind. Nature, humans, something else… although, I still can say it’s nature. Everything in this world is born from nature. And eventually, nature might take it’s gifts back, then she decides that you too just too much for your own good.

And it’s not been just Central. It’s been happening everythere. You don’t need to see that – it’s enough to feel it. It’s not been just cities crumbling into dust. It’s been the nature, taking away what she wants and giving something else instead. A change. Of everything. All that once been created, soon will turn into dust, and from it, new future will be born.

Not just Central… the Empire been crumbling into pieces. All of it. It’s leaders, it’s humans, it’s cities, it’s grounds. Everything. For what? Who knows… to give a birth to something different. Something really old that we forgot. Or maybe something absolutely new, something we never been thinking about. Someone still gonna miss the old times… things always goes like that. But looking on that destruction, thinking of what lead to it and what it will brign… it’s horrifying, but beautiful in the same time, isn’t it?

The End Of An Empire… is already here.


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