RWBY fan-made wild idea.

Well, I just realised that any idea I get in my head, eventually comes real. Recently, I’ve been thinking about fan-character for RWBY, wielding lance with energy blade, switchable into sword and blaster. Though it seems that weapons there rarely have more than 2 forms, I just learned that Neptune is actually wielding blaster-type gun, that able to transform into lance with energy edge! And I don’t think Monty been able to sneek into my head and get that idea out of it, but unlikely anyone will believe that I got that idea in my head before Monty actually put it into his animation.

But here, I have something totally new in my head. My original idea about lancer character been overdone and it’s been looking quite cheaty in my mind, after giving it some thoughts. It’s been outdone because of the sword mostly, and personal ability of the character, to “teleport” on the short distances rather fast. Aaaand some few other things about him. So I decided to throw it away and give an idea to something different! To create a whole new fan-made team! Yay to fan-made things that will never show up!

I called that team MBSF.

Of course, it’s very special team, as any other, and I’ve been giving quite a pinch of thoughs to their structure. Gladly for me, there’s already a many good ways to build a good team of 4 peoples by their roles, and all I needed is just put the characters into each “slot” for the team and give them their unique roles, so they can cooperate in best way.

Thing marked with * I will explain at the end.


Name: Fidgy

Gender: female

Team role: Ranged DPS

Weapon: Bow

Special ability: Energy ranged attack. Can give that ability to someone else or charge her own arrows for stronger damage.

Bio, appearance and character: in progress.

Team part*: Feelings


Name: Siren

Gender: female

Team role: semi-support, ranged DPS, healer

Weapon: Dust-charged wand

Special ability: energy share. Can use her own energy to increase physical stats of others and heal their wounds.

Bio, appearance and character: in progress.

Team part*: Soul.


Name: Brooke

Gender: male

Team role: tank

Weapon: 2-handed wide sword, transformable into energy blast cannon.

Special ability: protection. Shields the bodies of allies, preventing the damage dealing for fair period of time.

Bio, appearance and character: in progress.

Team part*: Body


Name: Mike

Gender: male

Team role: support, melee DPS

Weapons: iron threads, short knifes, throwing needles

Special ability: mind control. Can manipulate the bodies of other peoples, and also can make illusions by tricking the mind of person he can’t control.

Bio, appearance and character: in progress.

Team part*: Mind.

That’s the team build. All 4 members together. And this build is actually quite special. You see, I said I’ll explain *-marked part in the end. So – here’s the explaining.

Team part is the inner team clasification. Here, I made it to be all four of those guys as the whole. They have body to deal punches and heavy physical damage, soul to hold your spirit, strong feelings to push you forward, and mind to hold you from doing stupid things.

This team should work like that – actually, there’s normally only 3 members in the fight. Brooke, Siren and Fidgy stays on the field on their own, while Mike hides in the shadows under illusions he makes. This made on purpose – as strategist and actual team leader, he manipulates them from the side, allowing free planning on several steps forward right on the field, helping the team to utilise their abilities to the very limits, and also, not allowing enemies to sneak from the sides, as hiding allows Mike to freely observe the whole battlefield and a bit far away, descreasing the chances of ambush. That way it goes – mind controls body, soul and feelings, to not letting them overrun themselves.

But there’s still an occation at which Mike can leave the shadows – as the things getting tough, he steps forward to get part in the fight, and then the roles changes. Here, body, soul and feelings allowing mind to break mind’s limits – charging Mike with their unique abilities, they allowing him to enrage on any sort of strong target, holding him alive while he can deal significant amount of damage. At that moment he normally not controlling the team from the distance, yet as the team also well trained by self, they can with no problem act on their own to support their leader at the moment of need.

As I see this, with such a build-up, this team should work quite effectively, though they surely not a kids, as such teamwork needs to trust each other completely, so the inner bond between team members should be builded from childhood or through long years of private training away from civilization.

Sounds good, huh? I also have some sketches of their characters in my mind, and how they can behave together in different situations. Bio, though, I still don’t have. Even sketches. Oh well.




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