Keep pusing it!

Time for a first blog entry, yay! No introduction though. Bleh.


So, only thing I can tell about myself is – it’s rather hard to get me motivated to do something actually, especially something that can get on public. Yet, there’s one centrain person that trying hard on pusing me forward… so here we go.


I’ve been playing a lot of Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn in recent months. It’s almost year since I’m playing it. And in that time, there’s been several things that got in my mind.


Minions! Those are amazing critters. There’s no end to them, there’s always more, but why not make even more then? I’ve been thinking about Ramuh and sylphs and, for all the sudden, it’s like thunder hit me – sylphs are small as minions, and there’s even minion from them… but what about wind-up Ramuh? How it actually may look? Think of smaller version of mighty and wise Lord of Levin, with his Judgment Staff and maybe even lightning effects, flying close to you. How that can’t be cool? But let’s step even futher – wind-up primals! I bet there’s enough players who like succubus minion, and I should say – she really looks kinda cute. But – mini-Ifrit following you? Mini-Titan, scaring everything? Mini-Garuda, as charming as succubus? And there’s even Shiva on the way! How about that!

I see it like this – there’s already baby behemoth as collector’s edition reward, and elder primal wind-up Odin as subscription reward. And there’s Minions of Light, which randomly chosen upon summoning. Those mechanics can help to build wind-up primal minion! Like, really – get it as subscription reward or by some other means. Maybe quest? I would hate if it’ll become Extreme drop, as those still tough to get through. But maybe at least Hard? Or better quest reward. That’s not what matters really – you get one and you can use it… to summon one of random primals you already defeted! You got your regular kills on main trio? Awesome! Here’s your Ifrit or Garuda or Titan, enjoy. Levi? Ramuh? Shiva? Challenge them, fight them, win the battle, summon them! it would be so awesome.


Or maybe make them a reward from event or contest? On matters of contest, I have even a better option.

I once got a discussion with a friend, and I rather sad that most of contest are… pretty much aimed on effort of single adventurer. You are the one of many, and even if you get help, you’ll be the only one to receive the price by chance. But there’s so many good free companies around, like the one I’m in! And those companies pretty much strong because they’re like the one, the whole, the strong unity. So why not do it like that – instead of doing something just for few adventurers, make a contest for free companies? So members of those can join in strenght, make something really amazing together, and receive a reward that free company in whole and it’s members can get. It’s not even for a challenge – it actually can be so much fun to do things not for only self, but together with others, for others with who you so much like to play with, to join your efforts with someone else and make something outstanding together. Isn’t it just sound amasing. Because it should.


There’s so many things still in my head, but I forgot them for now. Guess I’ll make another blog entry as soon as my memory will stop playing tricks with me.




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