RWBY fan-made wild idea(continuing it even futher)

So, RWBY ideas keeps going. Want to have them written somewhere.

Last post said that it most likely for my team, MBSF, to try and get themself into Beacon to refine their skills futher. After giving it some thoughs, I decided that they may go several different ways.

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RWBY fan-made wild idea(continuation)

Just recently, my friend told me that there’s actually been quite a lot of peoples with similar team idea with what I had in my mind. Oh well, why I expected that – it’s often happens that something fan-made in my head eventually already got in someone elses mind just before me and before I’ve learned about that.

Not gonna stop me though. I already had some basic idea in my head in matters of MBSF team, so I gonna put them here.

I gonna put the biography of each member in it’s historical order, clearing out how the members more or less looks, and how the team itself got formed in my mind.

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The End Of An Empire

I watched it crumbling. Large city, so glorious just not so long ago. Wealthy, strong, unshakeable. Beautiful. Amazing. Now it’s been falling apart, piece by piece. Large skysсrapers going down, destroyed by the force beyond the understanding of normal mind. Nature, humans, something else… although, I still can say it’s nature. Everything in this world is born from nature. And eventually, nature might take it’s gifts back, then she decides that you too just too much for your own good.

And it’s not been just Central. It’s been happening everythere. You don’t need to see that – it’s enough to feel it. It’s not been just cities crumbling into dust. It’s been the nature, taking away what she wants and giving something else instead. A change. Of everything. All that once been created, soon will turn into dust, and from it, new future will be born.

Not just Central… the Empire been crumbling into pieces. All of it. It’s leaders, it’s humans, it’s cities, it’s grounds. Everything. For what? Who knows… to give a birth to something different. Something really old that we forgot. Or maybe something absolutely new, something we never been thinking about. Someone still gonna miss the old times… things always goes like that. But looking on that destruction, thinking of what lead to it and what it will brign… it’s horrifying, but beautiful in the same time, isn’t it?

The End Of An Empire… is already here.

RWBY fan-made wild idea.

Well, I just realised that any idea I get in my head, eventually comes real. Recently, I’ve been thinking about fan-character for RWBY, wielding lance with energy blade, switchable into sword and blaster. Though it seems that weapons there rarely have more than 2 forms, I just learned that Neptune is actually wielding blaster-type gun, that able to transform into lance with energy edge! And I don’t think Monty been able to sneek into my head and get that idea out of it, but unlikely anyone will believe that I got that idea in my head before Monty actually put it into his animation.

But here, I have something totally new in my head. My original idea about lancer character been overdone and it’s been looking quite cheaty in my mind, after giving it some thoughts. It’s been outdone because of the sword mostly, and personal ability of the character, to “teleport” on the short distances rather fast. Aaaand some few other things about him. So I decided to throw it away and give an idea to something different! To create a whole new fan-made team! Yay to fan-made things that will never show up!

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>) HQ not always means HeadQuaters? (<

Welp, today I want to write something else but not the story or ideas for something. Today, I want to write a short review on the game(or should I call it game series?) called “Half-Quake”.

The one quite enjoyable thing, I should say. To clarify a bit what I’m talking about, as you may not know what it is – Half-Quake is game modification, originally planned as mod, made on original Half-Life engine with usage of Quake textures and early Quake games atmosphere. At least that’s how I get it. Made by person known as muddasheep, this game modification eventually grown into something bigger and, in the process, into something more than just a mod.

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Ill ideas

Welp, for all the sudden, I started to feel quite sick. And sometimes, my sickness gives a birth to good, but not less sick ideas.


Here’s one of those. Here we go.

The idea of story is not clear yet. Beggining starts around a lovely couple. They enjoy their time together, taking a walk on the street together, at the evening after hard work day. Yet it’s getting a bit too late, and even if they usually going the same way on the streets, unfortunately they getting unwanted meeting with street bullies. Attempt to just avoid them fails – they don’t want money or something else. They want a girl.

Her boyfriend simly can’t allow that. He don’t ask those for anything, but simply covers the girl, staying between her and them. And getting “punished” for that, ending up laying on the street, with the whole body covered by pain. Yet as they try to get to the girl again, over the lying body of her boyfriend, he stands up and covers her again, fighting with pain, not even thinking to give up. Even if he can’t be anything else but a meat shield.

And here things hurts much more. Bully leader gets his knive and, without much of thinking, stabs the boy. Girl is just too scared to make even a single sound, to scream or run away – she’s shocked, and that shock just don’t want to let her go, holding her and making her whole body to shiver. Few stabs in the belly, few in the chest – serious wounds, which is hard to survive. The boy goes down again, bleeding and hardly able to do anything.

But yet it’s not ended. Even then bullies pretty much sure they got rid of only line between them and their target, the boy stands up again. Covered in blood and heavily bleeding, he standed straight in front of the guys. Their leader stabbed him again, but that did pretty much nothing. The boy just took the edge of the knive deeper in his body, while his hand reached the neck of the bully and holded it. And then he said just one word.


His girlfriend got it as command for her. All the fear in her now pushed her, and she ran away. Part of the group tried to follow her, but others now been watching not so pleasant picture – the boy took the knive out of his body and stabbed their leader in the neck several times, breaking it. And their leader fall, rather soon, choking in his own blood. The boy just turned to them – his face been covered in blood, eyes turned blood-red. Grotesque emotion on his face been none less scary – pain and madness, all together. And he moved to those who left, as they, scared, tried to protect themselves.

Others still been running after the girl, quite close to reach her. They had no idea on what’s happening behind, as they’re been thinking only about their reward if they’ll catch her. But for all the sudden, with screams of pain, one of them just fall on the ground. There’s been a knive in his leg, and quite deep in it, making it impossible to move.

– Got you, bitch!

With screams and cries, girl stopped, as her head been pushed back by force. One of guys reached her and holded her hair, painfully pushing her back. But that not been for too long – now the bully screamed, as the knive now stuck in his hand. But next knive got right into his head. His hands instantly stopped to hold the girl, and she looked behind her. Her boyfriend been standing at another end of the street, still bleeding, yet he’s been taking the knive out of the leg of one of bullies.

– Run! Don’t stop and just run!

She’s been unable to understand what happens. Yet she done as he said. There’s still been one more bully, as the one who’s been injured in the leg, now also been dead. But he’s been scared now. He’s not been interested in trying to catch the girl. Just ran away from that walking nightmare his friends just found…


Next day the whole street goes locked by police, as they’re been looking after the mass murder. 6 dead bodies, all died out of fatal injuries. Not too far from each other, and all of them somehow been followed by police, by that reason or another. And police detective supposed to understand – why they got killed, who did that and how it happened. And so far, there’s been only 1 person who maybe would be able to tell the whole story – one guy that layed not too far from the place of the blood shed. Heavily injured, with high loss of blood, yet alive. But because of all that, for now he’s been in koma, so asking him for anything would be quite a problem, making understanding of the situation much harder, unless there’s someone else to tell the story…


And here it ends for now. Maybe I’ll eventually make it into a normal story, with names and some sort of central idea around it. The boy went berserk, but maybe it’s something planned? Maybe it’s been some sort of experiment? Maybe he have some unique ability, and now geverment will be interested in using him for own experiments? What happened to his girlfriend, how is she right now and what role is prepared for her in this story?


I have no idea really. Stay tuned. Or not, as it might not go even a bit futher than simple scrap.




Keep pusing it!

Time for a first blog entry, yay! No introduction though. Bleh.


So, only thing I can tell about myself is – it’s rather hard to get me motivated to do something actually, especially something that can get on public. Yet, there’s one centrain person that trying hard on pusing me forward… so here we go.


I’ve been playing a lot of Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn in recent months. It’s almost year since I’m playing it. And in that time, there’s been several things that got in my mind.


Minions! Those are amazing critters. There’s no end to them, there’s always more, but why not make even more then? I’ve been thinking about Ramuh and sylphs and, for all the sudden, it’s like thunder hit me – sylphs are small as minions, and there’s even minion from them… but what about wind-up Ramuh? How it actually may look? Think of smaller version of mighty and wise Lord of Levin, with his Judgment Staff and maybe even lightning effects, flying close to you. How that can’t be cool? But let’s step even futher – wind-up primals! I bet there’s enough players who like succubus minion, and I should say – she really looks kinda cute. But – mini-Ifrit following you? Mini-Titan, scaring everything? Mini-Garuda, as charming as succubus? And there’s even Shiva on the way! How about that!

I see it like this – there’s already baby behemoth as collector’s edition reward, and elder primal wind-up Odin as subscription reward. And there’s Minions of Light, which randomly chosen upon summoning. Those mechanics can help to build wind-up primal minion! Like, really – get it as subscription reward or by some other means. Maybe quest? I would hate if it’ll become Extreme drop, as those still tough to get through. But maybe at least Hard? Or better quest reward. That’s not what matters really – you get one and you can use it… to summon one of random primals you already defeted! You got your regular kills on main trio? Awesome! Here’s your Ifrit or Garuda or Titan, enjoy. Levi? Ramuh? Shiva? Challenge them, fight them, win the battle, summon them! it would be so awesome.


Or maybe make them a reward from event or contest? On matters of contest, I have even a better option.

I once got a discussion with a friend, and I rather sad that most of contest are… pretty much aimed on effort of single adventurer. You are the one of many, and even if you get help, you’ll be the only one to receive the price by chance. But there’s so many good free companies around, like the one I’m in! And those companies pretty much strong because they’re like the one, the whole, the strong unity. So why not do it like that – instead of doing something just for few adventurers, make a contest for free companies? So members of those can join in strenght, make something really amazing together, and receive a reward that free company in whole and it’s members can get. It’s not even for a challenge – it actually can be so much fun to do things not for only self, but together with others, for others with who you so much like to play with, to join your efforts with someone else and make something outstanding together. Isn’t it just sound amasing. Because it should.


There’s so many things still in my head, but I forgot them for now. Guess I’ll make another blog entry as soon as my memory will stop playing tricks with me.